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Overhead Gates

The stable and light construction, very attractive price and the possibility of using the most popular additional options are the characteristic features of this product, causing the overhead gates to be one of the most popular methods of closing the garage chosen by the clients.

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Economical NOVUM Overhead Gate is the cheapest in its class gate available on the market! Simple, traditional constrictive conclusion serves a guarantee of the low price and the reliability if this gate is confirmed by the users.

Practical Comfortable garage entry without the need to open the whole gate is enabled by the assembly of the wicket door in the leaf. Now, without the needless effort, you may exit, take out your bike or hide the tools.

Easy to use Efficient usage is enabled by the tension springs and self-aligning roles in the covers. Two-pointed, latching locking always give you the certainty of the locked gate, also securing Your property.

Durable Long – term usage of the gate is guaranteed by the substitution of the welding process with the wrenching process. In all overhead gates, the casings are wrenched from the closed steel profiles, zinc-coated, to eliminate the creation of corrosion spot.

Warm The better thermal and acoustic isolation enables the insulation of the gate and the internal security with PVC panels. The version without the insulation is a cheap solution for the unheated garages.

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Double-Leaf Gates

Double- leaf gates are often used in the terraced housing. Their undoubtful advantage is a simple and durable construction thanks to which the double-leaf gates can be used as the gates for tall garages, warehouses and other industrial buildings.

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Durable The construction of the gate is made out of zinc-coated elements, which guarantee the long-term usage without the conservation. The construction of the leaf is filled with the zinc-coated steel, profiled. Filled with the T-10 troughed sheet, covered in the polyester paint.

Safe Double-leaf gates are equipped with the autoblock locks, which automatically lock the leaves in two places, ensuring safe and easy space locking of the space.

Additional Equipment The gate may be insulated, as well as there is a possibility of assembling a wicket door or ventilation grills.

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Gray Silver Brown dark brown
Golden oak Walnut

Sectional Gates

It is a special offer for demanding clients. Thanks to the ergonomic construction, it is possible to park your car near the gate, what is the essential matter, especially in the garages with short driveway.

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Functional – Unrestricted parking on the short driveway is possible thanks to the vertical movement of the door curtain. It is essential, especially when the driveway leading to the garage is near the highway.

Warm – The steel panels (40 mm thick), insulated with the foam, and the sealing of the door on its entire perimeter serves as the best head and acoustic isolation. Penetration modulus for the UniPro Sectional Gate is on Uk=1.0 V/m2 x K. The panels are made of zinc-coated steel, covered with the polyester paint.

Comfortable – Gate equipped with the automatic controls ensure the comfortable usage in every meteorological conditions. Regardless of the atmosphere, you will always comfortably and safely drive into your garage. Just click – and You are inside!

Safe – The perfect safety of usage is guaranteed by the panel with the form security, thanks to which you may freely move your hand over the door curtain in the places where the panels are connected to each other. Springs securing the weight of the cover are put in the safe place – high, over the entry opening. All gates with the torsion springs consists of the security in the case of the cracked spring, gates with the tension springs may be additionally equipped in the security in the case of snapped line.

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