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Balcony development

COPAL balcony development system – modern construction solution in the in the form of extendable windows and door elements, proved in every condition. Aluminium profiles of high quality with anodic or lacquered surface with the addition of glass, guarantee high aesthetic values and long-term satisfaction of the purchased products. Recommended for the external curtain constructions and for the interior usage.

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Advantages of the system

* Hermetic abilities thanks to the capillary gaskets assembled on the entire perimeter of the development elements; it results in the additional protection from dust, wind and noise
* Protection from burglary thanks to the possibility of assembling blocking locks and other anti-theft protections
* Additional insulation of the building
* Balcony and loggia may be used for recreational purposes (as a playground for children or dining room), which result in the possibility of using the area year-round
* Easy disassembly for cleaning (windows are pulled from the guide ring trails)
* Protection from wind, dust, noise or precipitation and strong insolation thanks to the possibility of using the system for roofing construction

System characteristics

* Measurements of the mobile elements in the accordance with the filling type may be: width up to 140 mm and height up to 3000 mm
* Filling typed used in glazing the fixed and mobile elements: Float single glasses of 4 to 8 mm thickness, safe limanated glass of 6.4 mm thickness, insulated glass of 16 mm (4/8/4) or 18 mm (4/10/4) thickness
* Aluminium profiles colors: silver anode, non-covered profiles (raw), powder-coatsed profiles in the accordance to the RAL palette
* The possibility of using a bayonet locking system or key cam-lock system

Purpose of the system

* Balconies
* Terrace/ loggia/patio
* Cafe/shops
* Partition walls
* Porch

Advantages of the system

* Protection from the noise, cold, rain, pollution and snow
* Additional space, regardless the weather condition
* Reduction of the balcony repairs
* Long durability of balcony
* Additional anti-theft protection in the bungalow balconies
* Complete or partial opening of the balcony area which provides great comfort and satisfaction
* Reel mechanism that provides durability and security
* Easy exploit and clearing
* Does not require complicated periodic conversation
* Modern and stylish appearance for every veneer

System characteristics

* Glass panels made of toughened safe glass with polished corners of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm width
* Upper and lower part of every panel is secured to the profile with rivets of stainless steel
* Standard width of the panels – 550÷700 mm, height – 1000÷2800 mm
* Possibility of complete or partial movement of the glass panels in both directions
* Aluminium profiles colors: silver anode, powder-coated profiles in the accordance to the RAL palette
* Slide and normal-open glass tiles without frames

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