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Fire-fighting System

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Fire-fighting System

We design, manufacture and assembly constructions and elements of glass and aluminium in public utilitity, residential and industrial buildings

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Fire safety of buildings is one of the basic requirements in the Building Code. Building constructions should be designed and constructed in such a way that they can fulfill the following demands during the fire:

Starting and spreading of the fire should be limited

People in building should have the immediate possibility of exiting

The security of firefighters should be included

EI 15 – Durability of partition against the flames and hot gasses for 15 minutes

EI 30 – Durability of partition against the flames and hot gasses for 30 minutes

EI 60 – Durability of partition against the flames and hot gasses for 60 minutes

Broad possibilities of use
MB – 78 EI Fire-fighting Wall system is used in manufacturing internal and external fire-fighting partitions in a single and double leaf door in EI15, EI30, EI45 and EI60 fire resistance class. System is classified as fire retand. Manufacturing of some protection constructions available.

Optimal profile shape
The construction of the system is based on the aluminium profiles with Thermal divider. The construction depth of a section is 78 mm. Profiles used in MB – 78 EI system have 3-chambered construction, where the isolation chamber is the central chamber between Thermal dividers of 34 mm width. The shape of Thermal dividers guarantees great Thermal isolation and proper dessication of internal profile chambers.

Perfect thermal and acoustic isolation
By using special, profiled thermal dividers of 34 mm width and gaskets, MB – 78 EI system is characterized by a very low value of warmth permeation. In the internal chambers of the profiles and in the spaces between the profiles are filled with the fire isolation elements. Research from Warsaw Building Research Institute proved that products made of this system are characterized by very good acoustic isolation (up to 40 dB).

Wide range of glazing
Glass and Rother fillings (panels) are perched in the steel holders and ceramic gaskets. They are hidden by glazing beads and gaskets of EPDM. This type of filling assembly allows the change of broken glasses and guarantees good seal against the precipitation. The system allows glazing of every type of fire-fighitng glass of proper class with filling thickness from 6 to 49 mm. Glazing blocks are made of fire-fighting material.

Color palette
Wide availability of colors in standard palette allows to appease the need of even the most demanding clients. Color covers are made of powder-coated method. The connection system with thermal divider allows to use the two-colored profiles – different inside and different outside.

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