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Window Shades

System shades on the tube of O17 with heavy steel load, available with white, brown or lingiform fittings. Chain operated shades with brakes – ball chain stabilized with load. Tube is fixed on the latches for quick change of material. Shades may be screwed on the glazing bead (clear opening width +4.5cm), stuck to the window or secured in the spring-clip to the frame.

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* Lower and upper catches for fixing the shade to the window fram
* Magnets holding the lower strip at the bottom hung casement
* “Pin” grapple to bolt the lower profile
* Additional length to move the shade from the window (e.g. when the material is too thick)
* Tape (Velcro) to fix the chain load
* Lower strip pull-wire slide
* White, brown or lingiform cassette
* Shade version: Suspended with the pull-wire slide

*Glazing Hades – box is situated on the glazing bead, glued sliding
*On-window shades – protruding from the window from 4.5 cm (1 cm more that glazing shades)
*Suit for every type of window despite bolection and glazing beads
*Do not block the clear opening
*Width of the pull-wire slide 25 mm, height of the box 73 mm
*Color of the fittings: white, brown, golden oak, oak, light oak, mahogany, cherry

Outdoor blinds

Are a perfect acoustic isolation, security from the unwanted quests, additional thermo isolation, protection of your privacy and they provide a comfortable chill during the summer as well as the dimness that enable rest for tired eyes.

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Recommended to use in the existing building. The blind is rolled to the aluminium box in the wall or to the frame. In that case, the box is treated as a decorative element of the building and is matched to the appearance of the building. In the system we offer two types of boxes: SK45 and circular “Oval System”.


System used in the newly constructed building, it’s the optimum solution for engineers and designers. The blind box is invisible after plastering, and the other elements, such as inspection hatch and slides, may be matched in the accordance of the frame’s color.


Used in the buildings under construction like “Integro” system. Offered by our Company “SKN” boxes are modern, problem-free construction elements for architects and construction companies.


Tested and reliable bind technique connected with the elegant and modern, round, aluminium box with flyscreen net. Thanks to its unusual form, client can give not only the new characteristic appearance to every elevation, but also the additional protection from frustrating flies.


From Extruded profiles group, recommended for people that value security the most. Characterized by greater durability that results from the construction of the profile. They may be glossed in every available color. Because of the weight if the blinds made of PE 41 profile I is recommended to use electric or semi-automatic mechanisms as a drive.


From the most popular aluminium profiles group. The fact that the blinds constructed of this profile are protecting windows in the building around the all Europe may be responsible for its success. Smaller width and slender body of the PA 37 and PAU 37 profiles makes it available to use the profiles in window blinds. Thanks to these features, the profile is easy to reel and can easily fit into small boxes.


Recommended for window blinds, door niches and small showcases. This profile is taller and wider than others, therefore more stabilized. At the same time, its good winding diameter still allows it to be used in smaller boxes.

PA 52 and PA 55 PROFILE

Recommended for window blinds, door niches and showcases of great width. The solid construction guarantees great stiffness of the profile, at the same time preserving slender and proportional body. On the special attention deserves PA 52 profile because of its amazing winding parameters in this class of profiles, thanks to which this type of profile may be used in smaller size boxes. Profile this are recommended for the maximum width as follow:

PA 52 up to 3.8 m.
PA 55 up to 3.4 m.

Window Shutters

Used in the adjustment of the amount of light in the room while not losing contact with the environment. Additionally, they are also securing the intimacy of the users.

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Reliable, practical security from the insolation, surability of color, variety of colors which allows matching to interior design of the space. Used in every type of PVC and wooden frames. The shutter may be made from the lamells of 25 mm 16 mm width. Ligniform and perforated lamells are available. There is a possibility of using trough supporters, magnets and string lead.


Modern and functional shutters are characterized by the new, integrated mechanism: raised and controlled by one single chain mechanism, in standard consists also of a string lead which keeps the shutter’s position near the window. Made of tapes of 16 mm and 25 mm width.


Natural and ecological wooden lamells of 25 mm, available in a dozen of colors, are a perfect addition to the charm and uniqueness of the stylish and elegant interiors. Available also in a version with wider lamells (50 mm) in 10 colors of lamells.


Aesthetical, practical and comfortable solution for offices and apartments. Made on the basis of the new rotary-slidable system, which disenable the possibility of a broken chain and enable the user to side the lamells in every position. Lamells are available in two widths: 89 mm and 127 mm. Atractive collection of materials available.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets mean a comfort during warm nights. Flyscreens protects You from the annoying mosquitoes, flies, etc. They may be used in every type of objects, used either by humans or animals. FRAME Mosquito Net is the simplest type of flyscreen. Mosquito net consists of aluminium frame with net. The assembly of the mosquito net is done with the hook-in connectors. White or brown frames are available.

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Net, stretched over the frame, is made of fiberglass covered with PVC.
Thin wall profile from the varnished aluminum sheet and is resistant to meteorological conditions.


Net, stretched over the frame, is made of fiberglass covered with PVC. The construction is based on the thick-walled, diecast, powder-coated profile resistant to the meteorological conditions.


*Maximum measurements: 100 x 200 cm
*Standard colors: white, Brown, dark brown, ligniform
*Net color: dark brown
*Standard profiles with a lip are constructed on the rotating metal-strip

A profile without a lip is perfect for places with no space for assembly (just outside the window in the exterior blind and the only place where it can be adjusted is the clearance between window lip – 15 mm is enough)

Disadvantage: this type of mosquito net we are assembling on the latches, what requires drilling holes in the frame lip.


*Maximum measurements: width 120 cm height 220 cm
*Standard colors: white, brown
*Any RAL color – with a surcharge
*Net color: dark brown
*Assembly elements: permanent hinges, door closers, ball locks with the regulated force of releasing, magnets, brush gaskets (in the case of sealing)


Fixed or movable roofing design for house windows, shops or others buildings to protect them from the wind. Used in roofing balconies or terrace. Controlled by the crack handles or engine.

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Dralon - a synthetic material, is a similar in appearance to natural material, a special protection from the infiltration of the pollution helps in keeping the sunshade clean.

PVC reinforced foil - with the glass fible mesh, full conservation, cleaning, resistant to mechanical damages, simple application of advertisements.


*Covers terrace or balcony
*Maximal Measurements: 600 cm x 350 cm
*A dual-armed, horizontally extended sunshade, possibility of angled slope, variety of color and designs


*Assembled on balconies and display windows, aluminum and steel frame


*Perfect for advertisement, amazing decoration and at the same time protection of the display windows and doors from sun and rain. A rich offer of designs.

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