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Entrance Doors

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MIKEA entrance doors

Mikea company is the producent of steel doors used in the residential houses, apartments, offices and industrial buildings, and hotels. There is a variety of pressing, glazing and venners available in the offer.

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Entrance doors Mikea may be used as the entrance doors for residential and economic buildings, and as an internal entrance doors in multifamily buildings and other building of that type.

The doors are manufactured in the non-rebated version with metal frame (full of half), and with the woodem frame and doorstep.

Door leaf construction

Stile of pine wood timber
Cover of the leaf is made of zink-coated steel covered with high class topcoat or the PVC cover with the imprinting of tree rings
leaf filled with the self-extinguishing polyurethane foam

Wooden Frame

Made of stile of pine wood timber, covered with the acrylic topcoat in RAL color matched with the leaf color, equipped with the acrylic gasket and oak or beech doorstep coated with the gasket
New: wooden veneer – covered with the wood-like foil in the color of the leaf, equipped with the acrylic gasker and oak doorstep coated with the gasket

Metal Frame

Covered with the powder varnish in the RAL color matched to the color of the leaf, equipped with the acrylic gasket and lowe stabilizing bar for the transport

New: wood-like metal – covered with the wood-like structure in the color of the lead, equipped with the acrylic gasket

Door equipment

Three hinges with the regulation of the leaf position in two levels, and double anti-theft elements

Two bolting locks: main and additional from “LOB” Company

PVC batten covering the locking bolts (overlap)

Possible glazing –stained safe, insulated glass with standars window glass isolation parameters.


All doors provides clear opening 80 / 90 / 121 / 131 x 201 cm

Entrance Doors Węgrzyn

Wegrzyn Company is the family company that for many years specializes in the production of wooden entrance doors. You may find the offer with wide range of different door types below.

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Door construction

Door leaf is made of natural pine tree, multi-layer glued and plied (5 mm) of 68 mm. Thermal isolational filling creates a sandwich of 34 mm width, insulated with XPS polystyrene 26 mm + 2x9 mm, pine panel Carolina WONNEMA

Door equipment

Four hinges ɸ 20 with teflon-coated filler with the regulation on three levels. 2 independent locks with 3 pins.


Models from 002 to 017 – antisol insulated glass 4 mm, models from 021 to 037 – antisol laminated glass 5 mm (stained glass – optional)

Entrance Doors STOLBUD

Stolbud Wloszczowa is a company producing wooden framework. In their offer You may find entrance door used in houses, ladning doors used in the apartments, and wide range of door accessories.

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External entrance doors


Wood: pine, meranti, pine connected at length, solid pine


Glued in layers wood, glue of high resistance to dampness and temperature, the width of leaf – 68 mm, frame measurements – 60 x80 mm, with wooden panels of 56 mm thicknes


Four- layer system: impregnation in a separate process and three layers of vanish with solid or transparent water paints

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