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Bars are decorative elements, which become a great adornment of your window thanks to many available types and colors.

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System Bars are placed inside the glass unit. Made of decorative aluminium profiles with intersection of 0.6 mm fixed to the glass pane spacers.

Available measurements 8 x 10 mm, 18 x 8 mm, 26 x 8 mm lub 45 x 8 mm


  • great hardness of the construction, minimization of the internal
  • easy to clean

Use – PVC, wooden, aluminium window

System – Bars are placed on the exterior surface of the glass from one or both sides, made of the same material as the frames.

Available measurements – 25, 35, 55mm

Colors – Matched with the frames

Use – PVC, wooden, aluminium windows.


Glass has a great influence not only on the thermal isolation, but also on the essential exploit characteristics of the glass. While choosing the glass units, we may match them with the framework on special request.

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Security class – Use

33.1 – O2 – Safe Glass used in displays and windows prone to breaking or demaging. After the impact, the shreds are hold by the foil

44.2 – P2 – Anti-theft glass with 2 mm safety foil. Standard class of the window protection. Used in buildings and places prone to burglary.

44.4 P4 – Anti-theft glass with 4 mm safety foil. Used in economic building, shops, booths, storefronts, places prone to burglary or vandalism acts.


Window Type Glass unit possible to use
Classic window maximum 4/16/4 Ug = 1.0
Rodeo window maximum 4/16/4/16/4 Ug = 0.5
Sirius window maximum 4/16/4/16/4 Ug = 0.4
Standard window maximum 4/16/4 Ug = 1.0
Plus window maximum 4/16/4/16/4 Ug = 0.6
Profit window maximum 4/16/4/16/4 Ug = 0.5
Capital window maximum 4/16/4/16/4 Ug = 0.4

Insulated Glass

One of the basic elements of the window construction is glass. In the standard double-hung window with measurements of 1500 mm x 1500 mm, the glass takes about 65 % of the entire window surface. In the case of single-hung window it takes up to 85%.

Depending on the needs of the individual clients, modern PVC window may be glazed with single glass, one-chamber insulated glass or two-chamber insulated glass.

Standards in the PVC and wooden windows is one-chamber glass of measurements: 4/16/4 and of Ug = 1.0

Insulated Glass construction

* Float Glass

* Low-emission cover

* Glazing cavity

* Butyl seal

* Spacing Frame

* Desiccant (molecular sieve)

Insulated Glass parameters

Thermal transmittance of Glass „Ug” – thermal transmittance is the density of the heat flux passed by the construction, divided by the difference in temperature of the surroundings on both sides of the construction in given conditions. In general, it may be described as the magnitude defining the amount of heat lost on the one square meter or other construction material in given conditions when the difference between the internal and external surroundings is 1*K (or 1o C). The units of measurements in thermal transmittance are W/(m2*K)

The lower the transmittance is, the better protection from the heat loss is provided by the glass.

Light transmittance „Lt” – light transmittance is the parameterdefininf what part of visible light under the 90o angle is let inside by the glass. Light transmittance “Lt” is always measured in percents. The higher percent of the light transmittance, the more light is let by the glass to the room. You may find more from the ABC part describing features of PVC windows.

Total solar transmittance “g” – Total solar transmittance is the parameter defining what part of the solar energy under the 90o angle is let inside the room by the glazing. Total solar transmittance “g” is measured in percents or decimals. The higher is the percent or decimal of the solar transmittance, the higher is the passive increase of the energy let inside the room by the glass.


The main purpose of diffusers is to ensure the correct ventilation of the rooms by providing the air circulation from the outside to the inside.

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*Enables the correct work of the natural ventilation system and the extract mechanical ventilation

*Enables the regulation of the air flow in the accordance with the meteorological conditions and the user’s needs

*Enhance the quality of air in the rooms

*Limits the risk of dampness in the room and the development of the fungus and molds

Type of control Hand control

Use principle The amount of the incoming air depends on the position of covers. The user may regulate the level of the diffuser opening while deciding about the amount of incoming air by changing the position of the diffuser throttle.

Productivity [m3/h] 6 – 30 m3/h

Using Usually used in building where the code limits the use of hygroregulated and pressure diffuser, e.g. in the case of residential buildings with gas appliances, such as stoves, thermal springs, heaters.

Type of control Automatic – self-regulating

Use principle The amount of incoming air depends on the difference between the inside and outside pressure. It happens until the level of difference during which the diffuser reaches its maximum value is achieved. During the continuous increase, the leaves lean back and limit the amount of incoming air. This situation may be caused by the wind. The user may close the covers to control the amount of incoming air.

Productivity [m3/h] up to 16/20 m3/h

Using PVC and wooden windows, in building where the code does not limit the use of hygroregulated and pressure diffusers.

Type of control Automatic – self-regulating

Use principle The air flow depends on the content of water vapor (relative humidity) inside the room, it means that it depends on the pollution of the air resulting from the actions such as washing, cooking, drying, etc. The controlling sensor is the polyamide tape, which change its length under the influence of the relative humidity of the air, what lead to bigger, or smaller, opening of the throttle, at the same time causing smaller or bigger income of the air flow into the room.

Productivity [m3/h] 7 – 28 m3/h

Using -Diffusers work in the range from 35 to 70 % of the relative humidity. If the humidity in the room is smaller or equal 35% the diffuser is locked and the minimal airflow is directed to the room. With the decrease of the humidity, the diffuser opens and, at the value of 70 %or more, it reaches its maximum productivity.

The construction of diffusers does not allow the outside air to be in direct contact with the diffuser. Thanks to this the conditions of the inside are analyzed, not the outside.

There is a possibility of blockade in the position when the minimize air flow is reached.

Depending on the assembly metod the direction of air flow may change (horizontally, upward or diagonally).

The diffuser may work without the human input and does not require the power supply.


Properly chosen fittings are a guarantee of the comfort while uusing the windows. You have many solution that improve the comfort and security of using available.

Order measurement

It is hidden mechanism that decised about the window functionality – fitting hidden between the leave of the window and its frame. All modern fitting enable opening, tilting and closing the leaves. It is a standard of our times. However if we value comfort and security, it is essential to know, what may be gained from the intelligent fitting system.

Basic tilt and slide fitting system available on the market. It enables the use of range of elements which enhance the functionality and comfort of using the window. You may install them into your window even after many years of exploit.

This mechanism impost the correct usage of window, therefore it blocks the possibility of tilting the window when it is opened. As a result, the leaf will not prolapsed from its upper hinge. Additionally, the jack lightly rise the leaves and enable the flowless change of position from open to close. This solution is recommended for big windows.

This is a new fitting available on the market with the function of pulling of leaf from the frame. When we turn the handle vertically up, the space of 6 mm width will appear between the frame and the leaf. It enable the effective airing with closed window. Thanks to the special hinges, the “open” window is still a protection from the thieves.

To enhance the aestheric of the window it is recommended to hide the hinges under the colored covers. In standard Winkhaus offer there are available hinges covers in following colors: white, brown, silver, stell, old gold and brass. On a special request there is a possibility of using every color from the RAL palette.

A special pivot used in bolting the leaf to the frame. This characteristic mushroom with steel hooks in the frame are so called protection points. The more points, the better durability of window against burglary.

It is possible after turning the handle in the 45° angle position – the small space (3 mm) appears between the frame and leaf, enabling the steady flow of fresh air. The leaf stays in the same position thanks to the special unsealing hooks.

By bloking window from opening itself to more than 90° angle, the turn-restrictors secured them from hitting the window wall during the strong winds. Installed break keeps the window in desired position.

The change in themperatures may cause expanding and shrinking of the material used in the production of window. That is why it requires the periodic regulation of the clamping of leaf to frame. Winkhaus fitting is equipped in the bolting rolls with the possibility of hand regulation. IT enable the indivivual regulation of fitting in the accordance with the season.

MSL mechanism is responsible for the regulation. It enables the changing of the angle of the tilting. Instead of one position we have – depending on the weather and the needs – 5 or 7 leaf positions. Thanks to that we may regulate the air flow by turning the handle onto the next position. The tilted window is secured from closing itself.

It stops the open doors from hitting the frame when we are on the balcony. While we are going to the balcony, we may close the window by pulling the special handle – the latch keeps the leaf in the frame. The doors will open again from the light pressure.

It is the fitting hidden between the leaf and the frame that decides aboyt the window functions.

All modern fitting enable opening, tilting and closing the leaves. It is a standard of our times.

Activ Pilot is new, innovative fitting system available on the market. Wide range of convenience that enhance the comfort and security of explit was used in the system. ActivPilot fittings are characterized by the atravtice design. If You value comfort and security, chose new Winkhaus fittings.

The bolting system of ActivPilot system based on the pivots in the shape of octagonal mushrooms. This mushrooms cooperates with the standard or anti-theft hooks of steel. The anti-theft secutiry depends on them: the more stell hooks, the higher resistance of the window to burglary. This system enable the great latitude of choosing: the standard level of window security may be enhanced to the first or second class of resistance to the burglary. It is enough to change the needed number of hooks and add a certified handle with a key. It is possible even in exploited windows.

The change in themperatures may cause expanding and shrinking of the material used in the production of window. That is why it requires the periodic regulation of the clamping of leaf to frame. Octagonal bolting mushroom enable the simple and hand regulation of the clamp. By turning the mushroom, you may increade the clamp if the leaf to the frame or decrease it, depending on the season. Activ Pilot is the only available system equipped with that style of bolting.

High quality of ActivPilot fitting is documented by the researched on the number of opening and closing cycles made in the accordance to the European regulations. Certificats guarantees the high durability and quality of fittings.

Modern design of the ActivPilor fittings anhance the aesthetic appearance of the windows. Frame hooks and hinges are done in the newest industrial design trends. Rounded corners looks elegant and are easy to clean.

ActivPilot May be easy extender with new functions. See some of the elements that amy be quickly and easily assembled in the exploied window by opening the “Supplement” bookmark.

Window Handles

The matching window handle may be a perfect decoration of your window. Used by the PLAS-BUD Company handles are of the exceptional lasting capabilities, made of plastic and aluminium, in different, ergonomical shaped. All handles are available in different colors.

Order measurement

Standard handles Plastic, colors: white, silver, brown, black

Anti-theft Handles Hoppe Secustic – handle that prevent thieves from drilling the window or from trying to open it from outside.

Handle with button – handle with the opening blockade in the form of a button.

Handle with key – handle with the blockade in the form of key.

Non – standard handles – On the request of the individual clients there is a possibility of ordering the non-standard handles from a wide range of shapes, designs and colors.


Chambered system of thermoweldable gaskets made of TPE material guarantees the proper window seal for a long period of time.

Order measurement

Material – TPE thermoplastic elastomer with enhanced durability to the meteorological conditions and UV radiation

Build – chambered, heated on corners
Colors – black, grey

*Better durability on the meteorological conditions or aging process
*Unchanging sealing with changeable leaf clamp
*Elimination of slots and thermal bridging in the corners of the glass
*Limitation of the streaks appearance during the cleaning
*Highest durability on the permanent deformation
*Great flexibility in the low temperatures
*Durability on the detergents
*TPE – eco-friendly material

Warm Frame

By using the warm frame you may minimize the heat loss thanks to the thermal bridging that appears on the joint between the glass and frame section; the wide variety of available colors improves the general window aesthetic.

Order measurement

* Higher thermal transmittance Uv value of about 10 % in the accordance with PN-EN ISO 10077
* No thermal bridging on the corners of insulated glazing
* Higher thermal comfort in the window proximity
* Safing of the energy costs up to 5 % in the accordance to the isolation level
* Lower risk of vapor condensation on the surface of the glass thanks to the higher temperature of the glazing corners
* Wide variety of colors makes it easier to match the colors of warm distance frame and frame materials, such as frame, isolation, handles
* Resistance to UV light and fading
* Unique frosted surface
* No metallic reflexes, always perfect angle of 90˚

Light Brown Dark Brown Grey Black

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